Forensic Science


Crime Scene

     Forensic Biotechnology is the use of Biotechnology in the fields of Crime Scene Analysis and other investigative works. With the use of modern technology, the feilds of Criminal Justice are progressed. 

    Crime Scene Analysis is the orderly process involving several different protocols in order to investigate a scene and/or case. Detectives frequently restrict the flow of information from a crime scene leading to major error.

    Although many people look at the TV show CSI, it's not the same thing. As we know, nothing on TV is actually real. Forensic science is, when it is done right, slow, methodical, systematic, and orderly process that involves protocols and a processing methodology.


August "Gus" Vollmer (1876-1955) 

     A leading figure in the development of Crime Scene Investigation. He was the father of "American Policing." He had much experience in law enforcement and decided in 1906 to develop a basic records system to organize police reports. He was the first police chief to create a motorized force, and to use a lie detector in police work. He created patrol districts, police report reviews as well as mapping out crime locations. 

O.W. Wilson (1900-1972)

   Not only did this man bring Crime Scene Analysis into America but also in his books he mentions the importance of finding and identifying patterns and trends in different crime scenes. This is known as "community policing" in the 1990s. He contributed that a crime analysis division was needed in the police force.   

General Overview 

      Although forensic science has blossomed beyond our wildest dreams, there is still room for improvement. New advancements are being made as the years pass by. There is still more to discover. Scientists hope to "improve problem-oriented policing capabilities, optimal resource allocation, reduced crime rates, and the prevention of thousands of crimes."

   There are many services that forensic science provides. Some examples include Education, Training, and Technology. Biotech Communities have developed each by continuing their efforts in the field of biotechnology. 

Different parts of crime scene analysis